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Sudden urge to write (Post vol 1)

You know sometimes when you are at work and you suddenly just get this urgent desire ‘I need to write’ and in between doing your work (I am lucky I have two screens at my workdesk so I switch from my work on one screen to the WordPress on the other). Well I just got that sudden urge today and hence I am writing this pretty pointless first post on my blog (while glancing over my shoulder every now and then to make sure coworkers aren’t watching what I am actually doing). So yeah, this is my first post and I hope I get more urges like this in the future so I manage to keep this blog going (I suck at keeping blogs, I literally stop after three or ten posts max and just forget I ever created one).

This blog is all about travels and wanderlusting, my dreams and plans that at times change way too often,  about living life as an aspie (Asperger’s, but I prefer the term aspie, just makes it sound less like some sort of a serious disease) and all the akwardness that goes along with it, but without forgetting the ability to look at it with  humor – I’ve focused way too much on its negatives and want to approach the topic from a different point of view.

I also blog about pets, whatever I am reading or watching at the moment, my special interests.. Little glimpses from my rather ordinary life, from the depths of my rather atypical brain.

P.S. This photo is of a graffiti in Jurmala, taken on my short trip to Latvia a couple of weeks ago. This graffiti was also a Pokestop, and I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wasn’t playing Pokemon. The game is actually really great for discovering little hidden details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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