Daily life

Hibernation and puppies

Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter and darker. I’m always strongly affected by the change of seasons and I feel like it’s only gotten stronger this year. I want to curl into a ball and go into hibernation (or do like the Moomins, eat my tummy full of spruce needles before going to bed for the whole winter). Saturday it really hit me as I took the dog out for his evening walk; it’s going to take more than 6 months before I can actually enjoy the sun again. It’s going to be dark, cold, icy, snowy, wet, all that shit. I got home from our walk and cried for quite a while. I ended up googling universities in Spain. I think I would be happier in a Mediterranean climate. But I guess I’m still sticking to my original plan and going back to England. At least there is less snow and ice.

On Sunday I forced myself to get up from the dumps and went to see a puppy parade held in central Helsinki. This meant, of course, lots and lots of dogs (not just puppies, there were dogs of all ages). It meant a lot of people too, which I’m not a fan of, but it was still a nice experience.

Apparently I smelled nice, because one of the dogs decided to pee on me. Fortunately it was a small dog and not the Irish wolfhound! It didn’t take long for my jeans to dry. The smell must have been attractive though, as I almost got peed on again by another dog, but I managed to escape just in time as he was about to lift his leg. Gotta love dogs!

I was certainly much more bothered by the big crowd of people than that dog pee on my jeans.

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