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CBD oil for anxiety?

I have been thinking of trying CBD oil to treat my anxiety for a while now, and finally ordered some from Holland & Barrett today. They have a deal when you order two, you get the other one for half the price, so I decided to buy one with 2.75% and one with 5% CBD. Honestly, I am very skeptic and wonder if CBD will do anything for me, but after having heard of several people who have had positive experiences of using it to treat their anxiety and depression, I decided it’s worth a try. I did some research and found out that many CBD products actually contain a much lower amount of cannabidiol than they advertise, and are thus pretty much a scam. I chose to order from Holland & Barrett as they are well-known, and I read a blog post from a long-term user of CBD who buys her products from them. Who knows, maybe they could provide a safer and more holistic alternative for the medication I am taking now as needed when my anxiety level gets out of hand.

What are your experiences of CBD products? Do you think much of their benefits are just the result of a placebo effect, and if you are skeptical, they aren’t likely to do much for you? I will post an update on my experience soon, once I have received my order. Not getting my hopes up yet.

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