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CBD oil experiment, day 1

I got my CBD oil order today (it was actually delivered on Friday, but as it was left with the neighbors I only got the parcel today 😳) and have tried the oil for the first time.

I had quite a crappy day today: I got up early to leave to a Tisha B’av service (a Jewish festival to honor and mourn the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temple) but managed to miss the train, had a bit of a meltdown and tore my dress in the process. I ended up walking in the city centre instead to see the Sunday market, and then came back home to sleep. So it was overall a good day to try out the CBD oil to see if it has effect in calming me down.

You just put a few drops under your tongue and leave it there for a minute. The oil tastes a bit funny (it’s hemp, so you can imagine the taste) so I prefer to drink something afterwards to get that taste off. First I tried the oil with milder percentage. Nothing happened. I didn’t notice any change in how I felt at all 🤷‍♀️ Felt disappointed, but not surprised.

I started feeling a bit more anxious again towards the evening, and so a moment ago I tried the 5% oil, to see what happens, if anything. My feelings so far: I’m currently in bed, and feel quite calm, compared to last night when I was struggling to sleep and was crying a lot. Not sure if this calmness is the result of CBD oil or not. I will try the 5% oil again tomorrow before work, and will see if I notice any difference.

End of report for now 😬

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