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(Barely) Hanging on

I wrote this tonight while feeling extremely depressed and hopeless. I've had a rough time lately, haven't posted anything here for ages and don't know if I'm going to anywhere in the near future. I'm just trying to survive life and not doing a great job at it at the moment. Recognizing the extreme changes… Continue reading (Barely) Hanging on

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Surviving work and life

Last month I got a regular position at the library, and although I was feeling quite nervous about it, I was still quite confident that I would be comfortable working there as I had done casual shifts there for the whole summer. Unfortunately it has been quite difficult for me as I started in my… Continue reading Surviving work and life

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My life with Asperger’s – Fixation and dating

I was reading Cosmopolitan today, and as I was feeling increasingly more hopeless about humanity after reading through articles on what happens at men's stag parties and on how Love Island has increased the number of women seeking beauty treatments and plastic surgery, I turned the page to find an article titled 'My life with… Continue reading My life with Asperger’s – Fixation and dating