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Post-Holiday blues

Being an awkward aspie and a traveling enthusiast aren't always a good fit. Crowded airports, having to sit uncomfortably close to strange people on a plane, navigating in new places and trying to figure out how to buy a train ticket, there are an awful lot of things that can be super triggering for an… Continue reading Post-Holiday blues

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Breaking matzah & breaking routines

I've never been much of a cook. I need clear instructions for cooking, and recipes often tend to confuse me. The terminology for example, if I'm told to finely slice or chop something, I get stuck with the word 'finely'. Or when the recipe suddenly tells me to 'add the remaining butter' and I’ve already… Continue reading Breaking matzah & breaking routines

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More winter blues and torturous polonecks

Since my last post, the days have only gotten shorter and colder. I am trying my best not to let it get to me too much and focus on the future, on the sunnier (literally and metaphorically) days ahead. I am not a fan of winter clothing,  it is always a struggle to find comfortable… Continue reading More winter blues and torturous polonecks